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I write old-fashioned romance novels, inspired by the storytelling of classic literature and the grandeur of old Hollywood movies.


Goodbye, Vincent Book Novel

Goodbye, Vincent

Published 2023
A coming-of-age story following a young woman embarking on her journey to Hollywood in the 1950s.
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Goodbye, ViVien

Expected publication S/S 2025
Marion Fellows rises to stardom during the 1920s.
Goodbye, Vincent Book Novel



Ivory Woods goes to Hollywood to live the dream.
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“According to his stellar reputation, he is the best talent agent in Hollywood. They say if you sign with him, you are guaranteed to become a star.”

These are the enticing rumors about talent agent Brendan Maynes that make the rounds among the hopeful crowd of aspiring actresses in 1950s Los Angeles. The only problem: no one seems to know him or where to find him.

When Ivory Woods from St. Louis arrives in the city to follow in her late mother’s footsteps and become an actress, she quickly learns that breaking into Hollywood is impossible without connections. Disappointed, Ivory is about to return to her hometown when she meets none other than the legendary Brendan Maynes, who signs her to his agency. Soon, he confesses his feelings for her, and Ivory agrees to go out with him—in secret. The unusual relationship will unravel the past, which connects the pair in a fateful way.

This coming-of-age story resembles a fairy tale in many ways, but the promise of glamour and romance cannot hide the grim reality that lies behind the glittering facade of Hollywood.

Behind The Scenes

What inspired Goodbye, Vincent?

The fascinating phenomenon of the tabloid press, celebrity worship, and the misbelief that art and entertainment are one and the same thing.

Who is this book for?

This book is NOT for the modern reader. It's not a modern narrative set against a vintage backdrop. If you're a fan of contemporary fiction, this book is not for you.

Goodbye, Vincent is an old-fashioned love story that draws inspiration from classic storytelling, romantic literature, fairy tales, and old Hollywood drama. As such, it is authentic in its portrayal of characters and societal norms prevailing at the time of its historical setting, as well as in its exploration of classic romantic themes.

How long did it take to write the novel?

I started working on the idea in 2021 and wrote the novel during 2022.

Publishing the paperback version actually took longer than writing the first draft—who knew how many things go into printing a book? (It was it worth it, though!)

Goodbye, Vincent Paperback Book
Who are your influences?

I love classic literature, and I will read anything published before 1960. Many authors influenced the writing of this book, and I look up to different writers for different things: I am in awe of Daphne du Maurier for creating page-turning mystery and suspense; I admire Ayn Rand for packaging philosophy into prose; I adore F. Scott Fitzgerald and Stefan Zweig for their beautifully creative writing styles; I love E.M. Delafield for her sparkling humor and L.M. Montgomery for her charming, whimsical characters; I appreciate J.D. Salinger for translating complex emotions into words; and I thank Thomas Hardy, Jane Austen, and the rest of the English romantic canon for their timeless tales of love.

Who is your favorite character?

They say it's a bad thing for a writer to fall in love with her characters, but how can you make them come to life if you don't want to spend time with them?

I admire all my characters for their defining traits: Ivory's purity and perseverance, Brendan's willingness to trust and hope; Lucy's unyielding integrity and loyalty, Fannie's unapologetic fearlessness to take what she wants, Scarlet's astute business mind, and Vincent's irresistible charm.

What is your favorite scene?


Tell me more about Marion.

It's coming—soon.

The Society Press is my personal imprint under which I publish my books.

I am an independent writer, artist, and entrepreneur, and I do not hold any connection to a publishing house.

I believe in quality over quantity, which is why I have chosen to retain full control over my work.

Everything you see, from the website to the final book, is all my own and has been made with great care and meticulous attention to detail.

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